Customize your Love Doll

1. Vagina Type
A removable vagina is easier to clean and more hygienic than the standard vagina
To remove the vagina, insert that plug and pull out the vagina from the body.
Left image Shows Standard Fixed Vagina.
Middle and right image Shows Removable. Extra Cost US$ 50


2. Foot type
Standard Left Image
Special applied facilities allow the doll to Stand Up. Extra cost US$ 75


3. Pubic Hair
No Pubic Hair is standard
Any type US$ 30


4. Sound Device
A sound device that will level up the pleasure of your sexual activities can be implanted on the backside of the head.
Extra Cost US$ 195 for 3 sounds. Extra sound US$ 16
See Movie

5. Heating device.
A heating device will bring the body of your love to about 35 C in about one hour.
The feeling of a nice warm body will increase your sexual pleasure!
Price US$ 100

No cost

6. Additional Head
To see your Girl with a different face can be very exciting!
Price for extra head Including wig US$245

Type in Number of your choice
6a. Changeable head.
Type in Number of your choice.Number

Wig Option Type in Number

4. Eye Color. Select: Brown, Black, Blue, Green

5. Body Color. Select: White, Natural, Pink, Light, Tan, Bronze, Black

Variabale Parts Testing

Finger nail type. Select Nude Or Pink

6. Finger nails  Type in Number

7. Footnails Type in Number

8. Areola Nipple