Slim Fit Sexy Seductive 128 cm Young SEX DOLL

A considerable amount of men these days are going gaga for little girl Sarah the first occasion when they look at her. They know with Sarah, you will never again need to ask for sex from your life partner. Furthermore, she is prepared for all your favored sex activities including ass and penis massage. She additionally has an inbuilt stainless-steel skeleton to enable you to attempt diverse positions and styles. What are you sitting tight for? Add fun and bliss to your life today with this ravishing full body sized sex doll today. You ought to really make her yours every day to improve the pleasure of your sexual life style.

Sarah Body Features

Material: TPE with Stainless Steel Skeleton
Usable parts: Vagina, Mouth and Anus
Vagina/Mouth/Anus depth: 15cm/15cm/10cm
Height: 128cm
Weight: 16kg
Breast: 54cm
Waist: 49cm
Hip: 60cm
Packing Size: 123 x 43 x 34cm

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SEX DOLL Customalization Options

Maybe you like another Body Color, Removable Vagina or Stand Up Feet? Maybe you love Pubic Hair? Start to activate your passionate desire! Touch the Nipple!

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