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All our sex dolls are made from TPE, which is a material that feels nearly same as the human body’s one when touched.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the TPE properties can make the doll crack or break if it is not adequately handled, used or stored. Although most of the damage can be repaired. one must be aware that it is inevitable that each repair will leave scars behind.

As a great service, we offer,

  • our clients a totally free repair to any sex doll that needs repair in a period of one year, upon being purchased.
  • apart from the repair, clients who purchased our dolls have the privilege of getting a free makeup for one year. The one-year counts from the time he/she bought the doll.

What is charged only is the freight charges.

Points to take note

  • TPE dolls have the ability to bend and perform quite a number of gestures. However, it should be noted that the main purpose is to use ball joints carefully and not to bend or turn them with a lot of force.
  • It is advisable to keep varying the postures on a daily basis. It keeps the doll in a better condition, but do not use brute force.
  • Although we can repair but we cannot replace dolls with broken joints caused by force.

Repairing the TPE doll damage

 How to prevent a TPE doll damage

TPE products are characterized as soft and easily fractured, folded, or broken upon being handled improperly or without care. It is advisable not to touch the TPE doll’s surface with sharp objects when using them.

Once a crack has emerged it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible. If not the tear will get bigger until it finally become irreparable.

Do it yourself (DIY) repair tips

When you notice a rupture on the doll’s surface, cease using it and repair it at once. Note that common adhesives cannot be used on TPE. What to use is the adhesive we have provided.

You can repair the rupture if it is small, but you need a TPE adhesive
Please contact customer service.

Once you have a TPE adhesive, make sure the doll is adjusted to the position whereby the rupture can first fold, for cleaning purposes. Once it’s dry, apply the adhesive on the surface of the crack, followed by leaving the adhesive to solidify and seal the crack. (Same applied to holes on the TPE doll’s surface).

Remember that the special adhesive will require a minimum of 24 hours to completely cure the crack or hole. During this period, do not touch or move the sex dolls.