Our Inspiring Startup Story

Adventure has always been our watchword, and this word has seen our company and clients experience a new phase of life and pleasure. What started as a sexual revolution, thick 50’s ago in a country called Netherland, led to the rise of what is referred to by many as sexual freedom.

Not only did this sexual revolution change the idea about sex being for reproduction alone,  but it also introduced the free flow of pornographic pictures and super 8 mm movies. It ignited the passion for adventurous sex openly.
This urge and increased desire for venturous sex brought about the introduction of sex devices like a simple vibrator. Gradually, another nice thingy powered by a battery, that was described as a “massage” device.
Presently, such a “thing” is only ONE attribute that can be found somewhere in nearly all bedrooms.

So good or pleasant as the “massage stick” was, it causes a desire for more. These vibrators which were only penis and vagina sized small handheld devices, evolved into full body sized pleasure queens that looks like a female with all specific characteristics a real women has.
Although nobody can predict what will be the next stage, this will not be the end!
But one thing is sure; it will be fascinating to follow the maturing of the present generation full body sized sex dolls.
That said, the above laid the foundation for what is now referred to as Sex Dolls Views.

What is Sex Dolls Views and What We Offer?

We started decennia ago as a small sex attributes shop near Rotterdam, Netherland, but has gone from a shop to a reputable International Import/Export Business with years of experience in the industry.
Sex Dolls View presently, is an online retailer based in Netherland, offering the best selection of TPE Dolls. Our collection consists out of a wide range of realistic Sex dolls with many differnt body heights and types to choose for very competitive prices. We aim to provide a remarkable experience when you shop on our online store by presenting quality products with top-rated customer service.
At SexDollsView, we provide a high-quality level of service and will always do everything possible to satisfy our customers in every respect. We have the highest quality sex dolls you can find anywhere in the world and on the market. At SexDollsViews, our list of super soft, natural feeling girls are manufactured to the highest standards and are fully customizable based on client’s request.

Why Purchase Your Love Dolls from Us?

With over 10 folds purchases made on our website weekly, SexDollsViews is a world-renowned sex dolls purchase destination.
With over 225 high quality realistic full body sized love dolls, Affordable prices you can’t find anywhere, Free shipping to any part of the world, Free heating device, Free maintenance device and above all Discreteness that we offer all our clients.
SexDollsViews offer more value than any other sex dolls purchasing platform.

Our Mission

Our Mission at SexDollsViews is to provide the best and most entertaining high-quality TPE and Intelligent love dolls all over the Netherlands and across the world. We aim to grow our business more and more, by offering our customers the best realistic sex dolls available and making their dreams to come true.

Questions, suggestions, comments, or more, let us know.